Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids


Sweat glands, sebaceous cells, age factors and external conditions (climate type, altitude, nutrition habits, drug history we use, etc.) that surround our skin as a network are the most obvious examples of factors that play a role in determining our skin type.In society, if people are skin types, they perceive it as oily or too …

Best of Women Perfume Variant


What are Perfume and Odor? Perfume is a generic name for blends used to impart fragrance to the human body, various objects and environments, obtained from fragrant essential oils, aromatic blends, and various chemical substances. Odors are each one of the chemical substances that are felt in the sense of smell, usually dissolved in the …

MAC Matte Lipstick Collection


As you know women are always want to be seemed as perfect as they could. They effort too much for their look. You can see this picture since the ancient times. They adore using colors on them like in their clothes, shoes or finally in their faces. They believe that this effort makes them seemed …

Mac Matte Lipstick Swatches


If you are looking for the best matte lipstick models, we can say that you are in just the right place. We know that lipstick is a very important issue for women and we have thought that it is something to write for, to inform several women about which lipstick to choose, how any lipstick …

Wedding Dress 2017 – 2018 Collection


This is the day that every young woman dreams and wants is the wedding day, the day she wears a wedding dress she dreams of. Everyone will be interested with her; everyone will always try for her happiness in her special day. A young woman always waits for this day since she was a little …

Fall Winter 2017 Women’s Shoe Models


Women’s footwear trends for this Autumn / Winter season 2017-2018 are waiting for you in this article that we prepared for you. Let’s take a look at what changes will be made in the new sensation of the shoes that the ladies give the most importance and never give up. First, we will talk about …

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hair color trends 2017